“Integrity is the Essence of Everything Successful.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

C4 was birthed in late 2009 and incorporated in the state of Colorado in June 2011, by Wade Cumming, its President. C4 is a fully licensed general contracting company, offering its services for commercial, residential and non-profit projects. Each project, no matter the size, follows our “plan, design, build” business model. The personnel of C4 seek to do business ethically, honestly and fairly. Our goal is to merge every client’s wants/needs, with the best design, materials and workmanship available. With our combined 67 years of experience, C4 is capable, trustworthy and ready to work.





Every structure is a collage - an assemblage of different forms, thus creating the whole. We use plan/design/build to assure our customers completed structure is a combination of internal and external form, function and aesthetic expression.


Every project starts with C4 meeting all parties involved, to structure and implement a plan that will ensure
success from the very beginning.


Clients may choose to use one of the professional designers C4 works with,
or their own. Either way, C4 works
hand-in-hand with the designer to capture our clients vision.


C4 is committed to seeing every project through to completion. Whether the project is a new build, a remodel or a single room project, C4 delivers.